There are so many essential tricks which you need to try for your kitchen. These hacks will make your life easier. They can save time and money as well and more efficient to use. There are few tricks which are listed down; they will help you to guide for the menial task in your life from food preparation to cleaning and storage. The kitchen is that room of the house which turns a living space into a home. It is where you can spend time with your loved ones and show your creativity to others. Sometimes the kitchen is a challenge when you are learning new dishes. It is indispensable to have a few hacks up to the sleeves.


Imagine getting a roti with perfect puff like a homemade roti made with hands. It is very efficient for the working ladies and also for the housewives. Anyone can use this machine, and it is entirely user-friendly. Even children or men can also use this food robot without any problem.

Also, rotimatic is suitable for making the pizza base as well. Plus, you can make tortilla, puri, parantha very quickly, even though you can make wraps from this machine. This is the fully automatic and remote control.

Any kind of flour can be used in this rotimatic, starting from wheat flour to bajraa. This can make a special dish called khubz pita for you, which is quite challenging to make with hands.

Rotimatic is the one hardware that can produce many products and resulted and also with so many updated software. There are endless possibilities by which you can use rotimatic.

Rotimatic is very easy to use, you just need to put some flour, whatever flour you like for ya base, just put some flour and water and oil if you want some and then get the results. Rotimatic has its system and hardware and software, in which you don’t need to use your efforts, rotimatic reviews make all the efforts and will give you a perfect cooked roti or pizza or whatever you want.

Many big companies had tested this product and gave the best ranking from any of the other products. As seen in NBC and zee news, these products are highly efficient and can provide any product in a very cleaned and hygienic manner. This product is very suitable if you want to make Rotis or puris for so many people. This has been seen that this product has been used for commercial propose very efficiently.

Children love this product very much and can make roti while playing. So see this can also engage your child and get the results as well. So one bow two arrows! This product is readily available on Amazon with the number of only Rs. 127822. Or you can get it from the official website of the rotimatic and get the best deals of this product. 


You should learn how to seal your chips bag without a clip. And then you’ll never be stuck with a stale chip again in your life. There are just simple steps to seal your chip bag and never stuck with the stale chips. You need to squeeze all the air from the snack bag by folding the two sides and then fold down the top up to 3 to 4 times. Hold the two corners down and fold the top inside out, just like the way you would do with a pair of socks, to secure the food. Other hacks are snack sack, which is that you can push in the bottom corners of the snack bag, which helps to create a flat base, and then roll it from the edge of the bag and keep it rolling until it becomes sturdy. You can make a snack bag flat on the surface by cutting an oval and rounded rectangle out of the bag. By this, you can get an inbuilt bowl for your snack.


You can enjoy your bushels your corn without burning your fingers by making these dinosaur toy corn holders. You can easily make this with yourself at home. You just need some food grade silicon and interlocking corn holders for making the corn holders. You need some plastic dinosaur toys, hand saw, hot glue and sandpaper. First of all, you all need to find the center of the plastic dinosaur toy and cut the dinosaur toy with the saw, but carefully. Lean up and smoothen the edges by using the fine grit and sandpaper. Take the corn cob holder and place it in both sides of the dinosaur, you can use the hand saw to trim the end of the corn cob holder. Use hot glue and Popsicle to settle down and smoothen the silicon. Let it dry for some hours to form a dry top layer. Leave the silicon for 24 hours to dry, and once it was fully dried, wash thoroughly with soap and water, stick each end to an ear of the corn and enjoy your corn. 


Installing a tension rod under your sink for hanging out the cleaning items. By this, you can keep these items always close to your hands but out of the sights. The steps are straightforward. You need a paper towel rolled onto a shower rod, which you can install to the wall of the cabinet. In this rod, you can hang various spray bottles, gloves, and whatnot. 


This is a super cheap way to look extra fancy at your next party. You can serve cheese, bread, meats, pretzels, chocolate, and whatever you want. Making this tiered tray is very easy, you need some tray, cups, and glue. Just apply some glue to the rim of the cup and stick it to the base of the plate. Create two layers or three layers, depending upon how much weight your plates will support. Paint it and fill it with the snacks and get the party started. 


Your kitchen is dull?? Polish it with grapefruit and salt to get a polishing look. You need to cut the grapefruit in half, and coat it with the salt, scrub the half onto a heavily water stained faucet or glass. It will take away the stains and leaves a fresh and natural scent to your kitchen. This can work on the metals or glass. You can use it in the bathroom as well and anywhere you want to clean the stain dishes. 


You can make your customized mugs with nail polish and water. Pour some water into the mug, put some nail polish, and make any design with the toothpick. Dip the mug into the rainwater and get the customized mugs ready in two minutes. And serve tea with love to your loved ones. 


Your pan got scorched due to extra heat?? Don’t worry, add some water and the cream of tartar into the pan, and turn on the burner on low heat. Wait until it simmers for about 5 to 10 minutes, then turn the burner off. Rub it with any rough sponge, rinse it thoroughly, and again put some cream of tartar on it, rub it with the scrub and get a shiny, clean pan again. 


If you ever run out of the teabags but have so many loose leaves of tea lying around, use your coffee filter for backup. Fold the coffee filter vertically and cut away the side pieces leaving the middle strip. And pour the scoop of the tea down the middle of the middle piece. Fold in half and then fold the edges over the together twice. Move the seam onto the middle and fold it into the half. Fold the corners down to the triangle shape. Tie the string to cup handle and attack the string to a tag. 


Get some pots and paint it thoroughly of your choice. Place the letters o it and repaint it. Place the largest pot on the saucer. And then Place the larger bucket upside down inside the first pot. Pour the soil up to the top of a bucket, and after that, place the medium planter on the bucket. Fill with some more soil to secure the medium pot. Place whichever herb you like in the large planter. Repeat all these steps for the medium and small planters. And that was super easy. 


Everyone knows that it is difficult to feed your baby. Let them feed their tummy by themselves. Stich your bowl on the table with the glue and let the baby enjoy the meal. 


There are so many ways to open your wine cork if you are out of cork opener. You can use a bike hook, screw, and hammer or two pairs of chopsticks to open the cork. You just need to insert any of the above inside the cork and pull it out, simple.


Organize your wine with the empty vegetable cans. Cut the base of the cans and paste them together in the triangular shape. And spray paint it. Tada… your wine holder is ready. 


Put rolling shelf patches into your fridge so that you can put your things more efficiently without any breakage or damage. You can put these rolling shelves onto the wall as well. By this, you can make more space into your limited space. 

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