Basement Remodeling – A Multi-Functional Approach

Adding living space to your home is an important motivation for the cellar conversion. But what if you have more than one room? A practical solution would be divided into basement walls separated. This is very common for the main house, but it could also work in the basement, too. The result could be a bedroom, a bathroom and a room of family entertainment. To provide a thorough and detailed planning can be a new use for the basement.

Planning and designing a multi-function storage is more costly, complex and elaborate than the conversion of the basement usual. To further promote and not lose heart, read and see which of these ideas are applied to your basement.

Wall shelves

The increased storage space, free space in space is a major concern in a multi-functional basement conversion. Consider shelving wall used in place of bulky cabinets. Avoid drilling holes in walls, board game or if it was a metal bar as Keller has a lot of metal behind walls. Instead, use superglue, but not to keep heavy objects on them like glue is weaker than the metal screw.

Acoustic lining

This is an important idea of peaceful coexistence, if your basement, bedroom and entertainment room. The noise of the television sets do not disturb those who sleep beside. And the noise with the bath will not be heard. Acoustic lining keeps the noise in the cellar to be heard and also keeps climbing outside noise effectively

Soft Light Bulbs

Keller is low by nature because they are built underground and not exposed to direct sunlight. However, different parts require different lighting needs. Provide adequate lighting for the room dark and gloomy place in the room, a relaxed atmosphere and improve space enough light for the entertainment of their vitality. Reconstruction of the basement is very flexible and open to exploring many options. Make your basement is what you want!

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